Repeal the 8th

Mural designed by Maser for The HunReal Issues, displayed at the Project Arts Centre.

The mural was forcibly removed. (Twice!) Here, you can take it, remix it and continue to make with it.

You can paint over a mural, but you can't paint over an issue. Since 2016, the symbol has been used across the country to rally people behind the campaign.

Right now, you can get this mural as a Twibbon.


If you'd like to make any templates or alternate designs, we'll feature them. Don't use these files for anything that'll make money without contacting Maser and The HunReal Issues directly. However if you'd like to make something for your personal use or to share among friends, you're in the clear.

Please support the Abortion Rights Campaign and Together For Yes in Ireland by donating, purchasing merchandise or getting involved in their campaign.

Check out The Repeal Project & Artists Campaign To Repeal The 8th for other examples of art being used in the referendum.